Sunday, December 5, 2010

The start of Gingerbread Corner

We are two sisters who were just working the typical 5 days a week office job, trying to climb the corporate ladder. But we knew there was more to life than this. We wanted to be our own boss while doing something that we were passionate about.

We used traditional royal icing to decorate them, using only white in colour as we didn’t want to get too fancy yet and some chocolate chip bits as buttons on the gingerbread men.

Then the best part came, taste-testing time! We were pretty proud of ourselves because they were delicious. They were sweet enough NOT to give you a sugar headache, with a hint of ginger.

As Homer Simpson would say “Mmmm…..ginger”

In all honesty though the best part of this experience was what we discovered. It was fun and exciting, every step of it from the baking to the decorating. We got to use our imagination and creativity which is not something we get to do often in our normal jobs. But most important of all is that they taste really good J.

 So we decided we had to share this with everyone else and that is how we decided Gingerbread Corner had to be created.

So when a friend wanted gingerbread cookies for her wedding we decided to take up the challenge. In order to be prepared for her upcoming nuptials, we thought we would practice making them.

We started off with the traditional gingerbread men and women. We also threw in some letters as we went to Kmart and bought 100 assorted cookie cutters for only $15.00, how awesome is that? There are shapes for almost every occasion; Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter and much, much more.

Anyway back to the kitchen, we used a more modern gingerbread recipe which included honey and although it took us a little while to figure out what the heck we were doing, the cookies turned out quite well.

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